• You can get up to 780 Mirrogems
  • It's the first event where you have an Exchange Market
  • You will get Farah and Reid at stage 3
  • You will get Farah and Reid's Mirrages in the Exchange Market (you will need to collect at least 2,000 WHIS Card to get both Mirrages)
  • You can get WHIS Card and Elite WHIS Card in most stage in the event. However, the game designer prepared stage "Through Burning Sands"/"Stillwater Cave"/"Gather WHIS Cards!" to farm WHIS Card and Elite WHIS Card
  • For some reason, the stage "A Dead End?" is pretty good for farming WHIS Card. If you've cleared stage 12/13/14 at least 25 times each, you might farm stage 6 to have a better WHIS Card/AP ratio (you need to have a pretty high bonus rate to do so).
  • You can get Great Sword on stage 14
  • You can get Double Claws on stage 13 & 12
  • Stage "Gather WHIS Cards!" is hard only if you encounter a big gold knight! We advise you to avoid to fight it, unless you want to get some Radiant Material. The big gold knight doesn't drop any WHIS Card, nor Elite WHIS Card

General Edit

General Informations
Story WHIS may be a worldwide sensation, but all WHIS cards have suddenly disappeared!
Meredy says she's seen them walking away, but Keele insists that's impossible…
Additional Informations WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys
Continue the Tales of Eternia limited-time event to recruit Reid and Farah! During this event, defeated enemies drop WHIS Cards. You can exchange them at the trading post for weapons and mirrages with bonus effects, among other items. Some of these items are exclusive to this event.
Featured characters
-thumbnail- WHIS Card Bonus
Character Anima Sync Obtention Source
-profile- Reid
-anima sync- Green Event
WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys
Stage "A Strange Sight"
-source- Tales of Eternia
-profile- Farah
-anima sync- Green Event
WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys
Stage "A Strange Sight"
-source- Tales of Eternia

Missions & Exchange MarketEdit


Dates Edit

# JP version WW version
1 05/31/2017 20:00 JST - 06/14/2017 19:59 JST 10/04/2017 03:00 PDT - 10/19/2017 00:59 PDT