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  • You will get Jade and stage 7 and Tear at stage 16 of Part 1.
  • During the first JP run Jade and Tear's free Mirrages were not available, but they were added as event mission rewards in a rerun. Completing stages 5 and 10 of Part 2 would get you Fonic Artes-User of Auldrant and Fonist of Auldrant.
  • You can farm extra copies of Jade's Do Sanga from Part 2 Stage 5 and Tear's Kreuzzeichen from Part 2 Stage 10.
  • In some stages of the rerun, a monster called a Mieu Wolf appears as a rare encounter. It looks like a normal Wolf monster, but with a Mieu attachment on its tail. If defeated, it drops Huggy Mieu (Luke). (Costumes)

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General Informations
Story A traveling circus arrives at Sellund.
Luke and Mileena are excited about it but of course, Ix is a worrywart and isn't in the mood to go, scared that an acrobat is going to tumble out of the sky or the lion will devour someone during the show.
A talking beast was advertised on the flier which made Luke feel nostalgic about Mieu.
Then Gareth appears with a request from Gefion to clear out some monsters.
Additional Informations Mieu's Big Adventure
Continue the Tales of the Abyss limited-time event to recruit Jade and Tear!
Thanks to anima sync, Luke gets double stats in this quest.
Also, the foes ahead are weak to magic, so try to build a party that casts artes.

Mieu's Big Aventure Part2
Continue the Tales of the Abyss limited-time event to get event-exclusive 4★ weapons for Jade and Tear!
You can acquire them from quest missions and as drops from certain quest bosses.
Enemies are weak to magic, so put Jade and Tear to good use.
Featured characters
Character Anima Sync Obtention Source
-profile- Luke
-anima sync- Yellow Chapter 3
A World of Prophecy and Fonon
Stage "3-1 Din Woodlands West"
-source- Tales of the Abyss
-profile- Jade
-anima sync- Yellow Event
Mieu's Big Adventure
Stage "Mieu in Danger"
-source- Tales of the Abyss
-profile- Tear
-anima sync- Yellow Event
Mieu's Big Adventure
Stage "The Mother Liger"
-source- Tales of the Abyss

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# JP version WW version
1 03/15/2017 20:00 JST - 03/29/2017 20:00 JST 09/13/2017 01:00 PDT - 09/27/2017 00:59 PDT
2 05/12/2017 20:00 JST - 05/30/2017 20:00 JST -