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  • You can get up to 3040 Mirrogems.
  • You will get Alisha and her free Mirrage, Lancer of Hyland at stage "Slay the Dragon!".
  • You can farm Friendship Memento and Crystallized Youth from the last three stages of the main event, and they can be used in the exchange market.
  • A separate event banner with challenging boss fights is also available, and you can complete the quest missions to obtain a fully limit broken Cruciform Spear and Splenwar as well as Alisha Nexus Shard, among other worthwhile rewards.

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General Informations
Story Just past the cave lie the ruins of Aquatopia. Forgetting their pursuit of the Four Mirrors, Sorey, Mikleo, Ix and Raine become excited by the ruins. They encounter Alisha, who is there to practice swimming. It seems like the villagers have asked a favor of Alisha...
Additional Informations Fervid Swimming: Medley Relay
In this limited-time event, enemies drop items that can be exchanged for all sorts of stuff. Trade wisely to strengthen your team!

High difficulty quest Nemesis Challenge
Expert Quests provide rematches with foes you've battled previously! Clear the quest missions to earn a 4★ weapon for Alisha! Strengthen your team for this expert challenge!
Featured characters
-thumbnail- Crystallized Youth Bonus
Character Anima Sync Obtention Source
-profile- Alisha
-anima sync- Brown Event
Fervid Swimming: Medley Relay
Slay the Dragon!
-source- Tales of Zestiria

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# JP version WW version
1 08/16/2017 14:00 JST - 08/30/2017 13:59 JST 12/26/2017 00:00 PST - 01/08/2018 23:59 PST