Here is a list of currencies available in the game.

AP Orb Edit

-currency game- AP Orb

AP Orb is a free currency you need to increase your max AP. You need to get 3 AP Orbs to see your AP bar increase by 1.

You will get an AP Orb for either entering or completing a dungeon with an -thumbnail- Skit Quest or -thumbnail- Character Quest icon that you will encounter in the Main Story mode, or watching Sub-Scenarios from characters that you already obtained. (Events dungeons with-thumbnail- Skit Quest or -thumbnail- Character Quest won't give you AP Orbs, and characters pre-obtained by gacha MAs also won't have a Sub-Scenario until you complete their regular recruitment quest).

Diamond (JP exclusive) Edit

-currency game- Diamond

Unlike WW version, JP version has 2 currencies: Diamond (Freemium) and Mirrogem (Premium). All compensations/rewards are given in JP in diamonds. Mirrogems are a premium currency only.

Ratio: 1 Diamond = 10 Mirrogems.

You can store up to 999,999 Diamonds.

Event currency Edit

Some events will provide event-exclusive currencies obtainable by defeating enemies in stages or completing certain missions. These currencies can be traded in a limited-time trading shop to get various items.

Friend Point Edit

-currency game- Friend Point

Friend points are a free currency given each time you take a follower/following or an unknown player as your helper in a quest. Friend points are used in the Friend Points summon which will usually reward Anima Orbs, Chiral Crystals, and weapons varying from 1★ to 4★ (Only limited to story characters)

You will get:

  • 50 FP if -thumbnail- Mutual
  • 40 FP if -thumbnail- Follow or -thumbnail- Follower
  • 30 FP otherwise

You can store up to 50,000 FP.

Gald Edit

-currency game- Gald

Gald is your main in-game income to enhance/limit boost weapons/mirrages.

You can obtain Gald by:

  • Doing dungeons.
  • Exchange with event currency
  • Event Missions, usually from limit boosting and enchancing event weapons.

You can store up to 99,999,999 Galds.

Mirrogem Edit

-currency game- Mirrogem

Mirrorgems are the main source of summon for WW and 2nd one for JP (see Diamond).

WW Edit

You can get Mirrogems by:

  • Doing quests and clear objectives
  • Clear some missions
  • Compensation
  • Buying them

JP Edit

You can get Mirrogems by:

  • Buying them

Prices (only as reference) Edit

Date: 09/26/2017 (Los Angeles, California)

MirrogemsAmountPrices in WW (USD)Prices in JP (USD)
-currency game- 50 MirrogemsWW50 Mirrogems$0.99$1.07
-currency game- 210 MirrogemsWW210 Mirrogems$3.99$4.29
-currency game- 490 MirrogemsWW490 Mirrogems$7.99$8.57
-currency game- 1040 MirrogemsWW1040 Mirrogems$16.99$17.86
-currency game- 2020 MirrogemsWW2020 Mirrogems$31.99$33.93
-currency game- 3100 MirrogemsWW3100 Mirrogems$47.99$51.78
-currency game- 4750 MirrogemsWW4750 Mirrogems$74.99$87.50
JP6150 Mirrogems

Sales can happen for:

-currency game- 2020 Mirrogems Sale-currency game- 3100 Mirrogems Sale-currency game- 4750 Mirrogems Sale
2020 Mirrogems3100 Mirrogems4750 Mirrogems (WW)
6150 Mirrogems (JP)

You can store up to 999,999 Mirrogems.

Prism Edit

-currency game- Prism

Prisms are a freemium currency which allow you to buy costumes and weapons & default mirrages from the Turtlez Shop.

You can get Prisms by:

  • Summoning x10 times with Mirrogems
  • Summoning once with Mirrogems (JP exclusive)
  • Completing certain missions
  • Selling weapons/mirrages
  • Purchasing them from an event's trading spot if available

You can store up to 999,999 Prisms.